Utility: ppgutc

Ppgutc runs extensive checks on a text file that has been prepared for submission to Project Gutenberg. The user uploads a text file, clicks Submit, and then downloads or views the results text file.

Users can choose to exclude checks they don't need. After a run, each report shows a test number along with reports for that test. If on subsequent runs, you don't want that test to be included in the report, enter that test number (or test numbers, comma separated) in the "Skip Tests" field.

Users can also select "Show all reports" to request ppgutc show all suggested errors. Normal behavior is to truncate any singe type of error to 5 reports. This option also lists all tests that were run, even if no errors were reported.


  1. Select a text file to check by clicking the “Choose File” button. File must end in “.txt”. Encoding must be UTF-8, Latin-1 or ASCII.
  2. After the file is selected, click “Submit” to send it to the server for analysis.
  3. When analysis is complete, you will see a “results available: here” message with a link to the results file. With that link, left click to view; right click to download.
Choose a text file to analyze:

Comma separated list of test numbers you want to skip on this run:
Skip tests:

Normal operation is to limit reports of any one test. Tick the box below to show all reports:

Click Submit to run the tests: