Utility: ppppv

The ppppv program attempts to automate some of the checks done during Post Processing Verification ("PPV"). It does not run all the necessary checks but either runs the check or reminds the user to make the check during PPV.

For example, the <title> in the HTML header and the <h1> title should be fairly similar. This program shows them both, side by side, so the PPVer can quickly see if they are acceptably close. Similarly, PPVers should check the image dimensions and file sizes, verify they are all used and that there are no extra files in the images folder, etc. These tasks are well-suited to ppppv.


  1. Select a zip file containing the HTML file and the images folder to check by clicking the “Choose File” button. File must end in “.zip”.
  2. After the file is selected, click “Submit” to send it to the server for analysis.
  3. When analysis is complete, you will see a “results available: here” message with a link to the results file. With that link, left click to view; right click to download.
Text file: