Utility: ppscan

Ppscan runs a state-based scan for punctuation on a text file that has been prepared for submission to Project Gutenberg. It is checking the curly quotes, so the file should be UTF-8 with curly quotes. The user uploads a text file, chooses any options to override deafults and clicks Submit. After the prgoram has analzyed the file, it presents a link to the results for the user to download or view. In that file, search for the "@" symbol, which marks where the program thinks there might be a problem. Usually you can spot a problem or a false positive quickly. If you need to know more about what the program questioned, there is a list of errors, including the description, at the end of the results file.

Some users prefer a more complete error message at the point where the error was detected. If the user chooses the "extended report format" instead of a single "@" they will get an error like [@CODQ] saying not only that there is a suspected error but that it is a "consecutive open double quote" error. The complete list is printed at the end of the report file for reference.


  1. Select a text file to check by clicking the "Choose File" button. File must end in ".txt". Encoding must be UTF-8. (See note below)
  2. If desired, tick "extended report format"
  3. Click "Submit" to send it to the server for analysis.
  4. When analysis is complete, you will see a "results available: here" message with a link to the results file. With that link, left click to view; right click to download.
Text file: