Utility: ppspell

This is an online version of the ppspell program. This program could be improved significantly. For example, it could use the DP projects "good words" list to eliminate some superfluous reports. It could include Levenshtein checks for edit distance to catch "Michael" and "Micheal" type errors. Most of the code is in there for these but it's not been made robust enough to put into production.


  1. Select a text file to check by clicking the “Choose File” button. File must end in “.txt”. Encoding must be UTF-8. (See note below)
  2. After the file is selected, click “Submit” to send it to the server for analysis.
  3. When analysis is complete, you will see a “results available: here” message with a link to the results file. With that link, left click to view; right click to download.
Text file: